Verbeelde Idealen van de Amsterdamse School

Architecture and artist expressions of “De Amsterdamse School” are not only found in Amsterdam. In many places throughout the Netherlands you can experience manifestations of this building and decorative arts form. On the streets in the form of public housing, churches, public buildings, bridges and statues. But within the buildings we can encounter these expressionist art forms in every possible application. From cloth hanger to wall coverings, stained glass to ceramics. Utensils of all walks of life.

Between 1910 and 1935, the Amsterdam School has changed the Netherlands significantly with respect to its original and expressive architecture, interior design, furniture design and art.

Authors: Menno Jonker & Alice Roegholt
Fotography: Floris Leeuwenberg
Amsterdam, August 2011
Language: Dutch
Hard cover 224 pages (24,5*33cm)
Full colour illustrations (over 400 photos)
Price: € 45 (+ postal charges)
ISBN: 978-90-814397-0-1
Book can be ordered at Museum Het Schip
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