About Menno Jonker

‘Menno Jonker’s instinctive feeling for glass is evident from the success of his very first attempts in the medium. Jonker has established his own set of aesthetic values in which beautiful proportions emphasised by colour elevate the senses.

Like many of the Dutch abstract artists he admires, his genre of abstraction is human and very approachable. Its links with nature and with man are clear but subtle.
His work can be playful or serious, joyful or contemplative.

Menno Jonker has created a modern visual language in Dutch glass that builds on tradition and also takes decorative arts a step further into the 21st century.’

Dan Klein (1938-2009) www.dankleinglass.com

from ‘Lyrical Abstraction, the art of Menno Jonker’ (see also: Publications – Solid Perceptions)